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We have broad experience planning, upgrading, redesigning, and renovating kitchens and cafeterias to satisfy the ever-changing food styles, eating habits, and the growing hospitality needs of the independent school community. We thoroughly understand what is required to create a highly functional kitchen, taking into full consideration: space restrictions, scheduling needs, cooking methods, serving requirements, etc. – factors that are unique to each school.

As advisors to your school, we play an important role in protecting your interests by ensuring that the final designs meet your unique needs at a reasonable cost. Over the years, we have planned and overseen many projects that continue to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients. Whether the project is small or large, our equipment and layout consultant is available to you.

We are also happy to work directly with your architect(s) and kitchen designer(s). Over the years, we have found that very few designers understand the inner workings of the independent school food service operations. J.C. FOOD has proven repeatedly that we can save schools significant sums of money by identifying design errors and making sure that designers don’t specify unnecessary or overly expensive equipment.

We would be happy to make a consultation visit to your school and meet with key personnel to discuss any large or small changes in kitchen layout, style of service, equipment needs, budget requirements, etc. Please call us today at (201) 444-4172 to set up an appointment with us.
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