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Directions: In your most discerning independent school, combine the following ingredients:

~ Innovative, delicious, kid-friendly foods ~
~ Meticulously prepared, wholesome offerings made with fresh, top-quality ingredients ~
~ Olive and canola oils exclusively used in all food preparation ~
~ Locally produced and organically grown seasonal foods ~
~ Antibiotic-and hormone-free chicken and beef ~
~ Antibiotic-and hormone-free or organic milk ~
~ Nitrate-free lean deli meats served in our salad/sandwich bars ~
~ Daily (and delicious) vegetarian, vegan, lean protein, and wholegrain offerings ~
~ Over 50 different student-approved, nutritious snacks ~
~ Educational and fun-filled international theme days ~
~ Special management and accommodations for allergen-related diets ~
e.g., nut, wheat, milk, gluten, soy and others
~ Health concerns, nutritional issues and product recalls are closely monitored ~
~ Nutrition-reviewed and balanced menus ~
~ Light cooking techniques which preserve the nutritional value of foods ~
~ Luncheons, Cocktail Receptions, Dinners, Meetings and Gala Events ~

Yield: A pioneering and innovative approach to feeding your students.

Sample Lunch Menu | Sample Lunch Menu
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